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Trees are a beautiful, they provide shade in the summer, display stunning coloured leaves in the fall, and hold frost filled branches in winter. However, sometimes having a tree in your yard becomes a nuisance or even a potential hazard. It is important to know when to think about tree removal and why, so that your yard stays pristine no matter the season.

What are the factors you should consider when you are thinking about removing a tree? One of the most widely recognized reasons to remove a tree is because it could interfere with power lines. If you have a tree growing into power lines, it may be necessary to remove it, or at the very least remove the limbs that are coming close to the line. This type of tree maintenance and removal should always be done by a professional, as anyone who comes near power lines is in danger of electrocution.

tree removal

Another important factor to consider is the overall health of the tree you are thinking about having removed. If the tree is hollow or rotting, it is a good idea to have it removed. Otherwise, you may be at risk for it to fall over and cause damage to the people or property in the surrounding area. If the tree is healthy, but you simply do not like the way it looks, that can be another reason you might want to have it removed from your yard.

If a tree has fallen and you are left with an unsightly stump, you may consider calling an expert to come help you with stump removal. Stumps can break up your yard and make it difficult to cut your grass or play sports. It can be a huge boost to your enjoyment of your yard to have a stump removed. The expense associated with stump removal typically is tied to how healthy the stump is. While a dead and crumbling tree stump may be simple for an expert to remove, a healthy stump with strong roots will require a lot more work.

When planning to have a tree or stump removed, it is best to get a price estimate from a tree removal professional before proceeding. As these are often delicate and sometimes dangerous tasks, always consult an expert to help you will your tree and stump removal needs and always be careful when handling any removal tasks on your own.

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