What Are The Advantages of Timber Paling Fencing?

Timber paling fences offer a subtle and unassuming upgrade to any residential property. Typically, these kinds of fences are employed by backyard landscaping designers to add a natural-wooden feel to their clients’ outdoor space. If you’re growing a garden in your backyard and you’re looking for a durable fencing alternative, why not consider timber paling fences?

If you’re tossing between fencing alternatives in your backyard, there’s a reason timber paling fences are growing in popularity. Timber paling fences are perfect for the climate of Australia, particularly in Brisbane. The timber paling is suitable for the humidity of Queensland. They’re both sturdy and leave a smooth natural finish for any residential property. If you’re considering installing timber paling fences, this article will outline what you need to know. 

How Do You Quote a Timber Paling Fence Installation?  

To make sure you can cover yourself if your local services are overcharging you, here’s a few of the key aspects that will be included in your quote that contribute to the total cost: 

  • The height of your fence (usually either 4ft or 6ft tall).
  • The surface area required.
  • A material list: which kinds of timbers will be installed? 
  • Concreting and pickets.
  • Wages of your servicemen. Will the installation keep them in business? 

Can I Build My Own Timber Paling Fence?  

It depends. If you have experience in fencing installations and you’re confident you’ll do a great job, there’s plenty of masterclass tutorials you can follow to support your decision. However, failure to install a fence professionally will significantly impact the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your fence. By hiring your local services, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be left with a timber paling fence that’ll last for years to come. If you’re not convinced, the following guide outlines a few of the ways you can get started on your new fence. 

Where Can I Find Good Timber Paling Services in Brisbane? 

If you’re living in Brisbane, you’re in luck. Brisbane is notorious for family owned fencing services throughout residential areas that offer affordable prices. Whether you’re living in an old-fashioned Queenslander or a new modern apartment complex, your local services will be able to fit your home with the right design for you. If you’re looking for a company in particular, Timber Paling and Fencing Brisbane are growing a name for their seamless timber paling fence finishes. Whatever your situation, look around and compare quotes between your local services for the best deal for you. 

Where Can I Find Fencing Design Inspiration?

Pinterest is a great place to turn to for home design inspiration. By searching through photos from other professional fencing companies, you’ll be able to sift through different styles and hone in on what sort of style would suit your property. It always helps to have a few photos ready to show your local services when they’re trying to conceptualize your vision. 

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