When is the Right Time to Get a Tree Removed?

Tree removals are among the most dangerous jobs in Australia. For this reason, arborists need years of training and certifications to be legally qualified to handle tree services. If you’ve got a tree on your property that is causing you any kinds of concerns, it’s important that you don’t hesitate to call your local tree services. An overgrown tree close to powerlines can cause power outages, power surges and even bush fires. In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about tree removals. 

How Much Does a Tree Removal Usually Cost? 

If you need tree services for your home, you should know that there are many different options available to you. There are many classifications that will impact the cost of your tree removal such as the type of wood, the location and the size of the tree. The size of the tree is the most important factor in determining the overall cost of the tree removal. 

Tree Removal Cost Guide

As mentioned, the cost of your tree removal service will depend on a number of different factors. On average, arborists will charge this amount for the following sizes: 

  • Small trees (15f or below) – $250-$350
  • Medium trees (25ft or below) – $600 – $900
  • Large trees (40ft or below) – $900 – $3000
  • Very large trees (80ft or below) – $3000 – $7000

How Can I Find a Qualified Arborist? 
When hiring a tree service, you can search online to see if the arborist in question has a license to practice in your state. Also, you should make sure that you contact the arborist and discuss your concerns before doing any tree work. In the case of a tree that is a threat to a home or business, you should give the arborist a call and explain the danger before doing any work. You can also try to ask around, but most people who are dealing with arborists are happy to share their experiences with anyone who will listen.

It never hurts to ask your arborist for their credentials and licenses when they arrive at your property. They are required to show them to you. It’s important you have the peace of mind of knowing that experts will be handling your tree removal on your property. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional 

Hiring a professional also means having peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands when you make an offer to a real estate agent or a potential buyer. Having a trained professional inspect your home means that they are more familiar with the house and what can cause you problems. They know the right answers when you ask questions and can tell you when things need repairs or updates to make them right.

When you hire a professional to inspect your home, you are protecting your investment and that you don’t have to worry about repairs that will cost you money when you don’t need to! 

What Else Should I Be Mindful Of? 

Next, you should consider what type of trees will be used in your tree service. Trees that are used in landscaping usually fall into two categories; evergreens and deciduous trees. Conifers are trees that will grow indefinitely. At the same time, deciduous trees are those that have a limited life expectancy of at their time of planting. When choosing the type of trees, you will use, make sure that you are using deciduous trees if possible because they will always be more useful than evergreens.

Finally, it would help if you decided where the tree services for your home will take place. You will want to hire an arborist who specializes in home tree services because this will allow the arborist to focus on the task at hand. You will want to find an arborist who is qualified to take care of large trees since large trees take more time and energy than smaller trees. Also, the amount of energy needed to keep these large trees pruned can significantly exceed that required for smaller trees.

Where Can I Go From Here? 

Remember that hiring an arborist can cost you quite a bit of money, so you should plan your budget carefully before you choose one. It would help if you also considered how long the arborist will be there and what tools and equipment will be needed for your tree removal project. Make sure that you are aware of all the costs associated with the arborist because most companies will have a list of things that you will need to pay for.

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